Jacobson’s prescriptions

In 2013, Richard A. Lertzman published a book entitled Dr. Feelgood: The Shocking Story of the Man Who May Have Changed History by Treating and Drugging JFK, Marilyn, Elvis, and Other Prominent Figures. The subject of this book was, of course, Dr. Max Jacobson. Early on, Lertzman quotes author Truman Capote, one of the many famous patients to whom, like Don Everly, Dr. Jacobson provided “vitamin injections”:

Truman Capote described his experience with Dr. Max  Jacobson’s prescriptions as “instant euphoria. You feel like Superman. You’re flying. Ideas come at the speed of light. You go seventy-two hours straight without so much as a coffee break. You don’t need sleep, you don’t need nourishment. If it’s sex you’re after, you go all night. Then you crash—it’s like falling down a well, like parachuting without a parachute. You want to hold onto something and there’s nothing out there but air.”