Christmas 2016 update. This site is under construction. I have not fed it to search engines because nothing has been edited. In fact, many posts are in rough draft form. If you are here, you are either a friend who knew where to look or someone who found the site accidentally. In either case, you are welcome to read what you find, but I want you to understand that the site is changing daily. (Right now I am converting posts to page formats in order to offer everything in one menu.)

If you have been checking in on the site every now and then, you may want to look at the “New” feature of the menu. As I begin editing what I have written, titles will change for some of the existing material. I will identify recently created items, rather than those merely recently edited, in this section of the menu. 

Concept. The site is not an attempt to present a comprehensive view of Don Everly’s life or achievements. I lack sufficient access to sources and the personal resources to do that. The site is meant to be an antidote to fan sites dominated by Philophiles and their relentless dedication to canonizing Don’s brother while demonizing Don himself. 

I will make every effort to see the two men known as The Everly Brothers as Don Everly and Phil Everly, individuals, rather than as “Don and Phil Everly.” They were never a married couple. Their relationship would have been easier for fans to understand if they had been, but as Don observed, “You can’t divorce your brother.” 

As the tagline declares, this is one fan’s site. I welcome interaction with good-natured and fair-minded individuals (see below), but I am not interested in providing yet another platform for the illogical, the ignorant, and/or the mean-spirited. If you are waiting for comment options and “like” buttons to appear on this site, do not hold your breath. 

Future. I hope to officially launch the site before Don’s eightieth birthday. At that point, it will still be only a taste of what is to come. Beyond launch date, I hope to add information about Don’s work and books that shed light on his life and career. 

About the layout. You are looking at different layouts depending upon whether you are reading on a computer, a tablet, or a phone. Everything is easiest on a computer, slightly less easy to find on a tablet, and difficult to find on a phone. Sorry, but that’s life. Right now I am experimenting with some changes in format in order to make things as smartphone-friendly as possible. 

Fiction: (“The Saga of St. Phil and Devil Don”). If you want to read the Saga, go to the main menu and click on the small arrowhead across from the word Fiction. You can then click on the individual chapters. If you want a guide to the Saga and how it is being created, read the Preface first, but it may be more fun to just plunge into the first segment, which explains Margaret’s vision, and roll with the punches.  

However, the Saga is laced with references to and twists on events, anecdotes, interviews, and photos familiar to hardcore EB fans, so if you are a newbie to the EB, the Saga may not be worth your time to read it. 

Contact. If we are not acquainted, but you are interested in the site or have a question, you can reach me through the “Contact” feature or through Facebook. I am always interested in connecting with other fans of Don Everly or The Everly Brothers and usually with fans of Phil Everly. Some of the latter have been extremely helpful to me so far, and I value those friendships.

Disclaimer. I am making an honest effort to credit the source of photos and embedded video. It is difficult to determine what is in the public domain, and it is difficult to determine the first source of artifacts that have become commonplace in Everly lore for decades. If feel you have the rights to something I have used without crediting you, please contact me.

Rebecca J. Miller
updated 12.28.16